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Question 1: How do I book a private stripper from Silver Shaft Male Strippers NYC?

Booking a private stripper is as easy as ordering a pizza! Therefore, just click Reserve Now and fill out the form. Half of the payment is in the form of an online deposit and the remainder is to be paid to the stripper upon arrival. There will be a special section for you to let us know who your preference is, when your party occurs and type of party. Also, if there are any special requests there is a section on the form you can fill out as well. Rates are determined based on your location from the nearest metro city. Moreover, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at anytime.

Question 2: How do I reserve tickets to your male strip show?

Under Reserve Now is a section for you to reserve your tickets to our upcoming male strip shows. Please be advised that once shows sell out there are no seats or additional tickets available. Therefore, please reserve your tickets as early as you can to ensure you have admission for you and your friends. We don’t want anybody left out! Moreover, please keep in mind we have multiple ticket options – including VIP table, VIP admission and General Admission.

Question 3: What are the differences between the different ticket options for Silver Shaft Male Strippers NYC?

  • VIP Table reserves a table with bottle service for you and your friends.
  • VIP admission provides you with seating behind the VIP table section but in front of General Admission.
  • General Admission is for standing room only.

Question 4: Do I need to bring singles?

Singles are not required but encouraged. Please keep in mind that if you are attending one of our male strip shows then we will have a limited supply of singles to exchange. In other words, once we are done exchanging them we will have no more. If you booked a private stripper then sometimes the dancer will have singles with him but many times it is the bachelorette party that is responsible for getting the singles.

Question 5: How long do private shows last?

Private shows last about an hour. If you would like the stripper to stay longer you can talk to him while he is at your show and work something out. Otherwise, strippers tend to be booked for blocks of one hour at at time. If you have any questions you can always contact us 24/7.

Question 6: What else is there to do in NYC?

There is so much to do in NYC that you are pretty much limited by your time and economic resources. Some popular clubs include Le Bain, The Pyramid Club, and PhD Lounge. Popular restaurants in NYC include Per Se, The Modern and Daniel.